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To receive California State Preschool Program services, children must have their third birthday on or before December 2 of the enrolling year. Families must live in the state of California while services are being received. 

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Families whose age eligible children are receiving protective services or families whose age eligible children at risk or abuse, neglect or exploitation. Within this priority, children receiving protective services through the local county welfare department shall be admitted first.

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All CSPP eligible four year old children shall be admitted before CSPP eligible three year old children in accordance with family income ranking, with the lowest income ranks begin admitted first. When two or more families have the same income, the family that has a child with exceptional needs shall be admitted first. If none of the families with the same income ranking has an exceptional needs child, the family that been on the waiting list the longest shall be admitted first.
For part day, part year service only, CSPP eligible four year old children from over income families shall be admitted before CSPP eligible three year old children from over income families, up to the percentage allowed.
For full day, full year service only, families receiving full day, full year services shall meet both the eligibility and need criteria as specified by the California Department of Education California State Preschool Programs Requirements.
During the enrollment process held at the beginning of the fiscal year parent must complete a wait list application. Priority ranking for enrollment is determined and families are notified of eligibility. Parents  are required to submit the Ravenswood Child Development Center enrollment packet and provide California State Preschool Programs required documentation to complete the enrollment process.